“It breaks your heart to work so hard on the land and see no improvement year after year. Ross was able to turn our profitability around with some great advice and a long term plan that has seen the value of our property increase 1o fold. Very much worth the investment.” 

Graham Seymore

“Ross Watson and his team have developed some extremely effective tools that have helped us understand the viability of our paddocks. After extensive soil sampling and testing we now have a targeted fertiliser approach that is making improvements in crop yields even despite the drought.  Ross has taken the guess work out of what we do!”

David Nyland

“Simple changes in our pasture management practices have had a dramatic impact on our profits. The changes we made have meant pasture utilisation increased by more than 40% and liveweight production per hectare increased by 80%. Ross Watson has made a dramatic impact on our farm profits in only a few years. 

S. & R. Thompson
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