Our business is focused on assisting you to identify, plan and implement the key management decisions in developing and sustaining your pasture systems.

Pasture Establishment and Management
We will provide you with the latest agronomy technology in pasture improvement, including paddock preparation, pasture selection, establishment methods, weed and pest control, soil fertility management, fertiliser use and grazing management. We can also coordinate and conduct various farm contracting services to add significant value to your pasture programs.

Pasture Landscape Systems
There is a wide range of pasture systems available to match various agricultural land classes, including native pastures, introduced temperate and tropical grass and legume species . We can expertly advise you on the areas within your property which are best suited to each system, and formulate management strategies to sustain these.

Pasture Selection
Through our extensive field and pasture research experience, we can provide you with pasture and forage crop recommendations, as well as our preferred pasture blends for cattle, sheep, dairy or horse enterprises.

Equine Property Development
We are engaged and retained by Australia’s leading thoroughbred studs to design and implement their farm and pasture development programs. We work alongside a vast project team from property owners, to farm managers, architects, building contractors, fencing contractors, irrigation consultant and government agencies to ensure every project is undertaken to the highest professional standard.

Farm Mapping and 5 Year Farm Development Plan
A property map is an integral tool for farm planning. Farm mapping services can be undertaken. After evaluation and mapping of your property, we can provide you with a 5 Year Pasture Development Plan and Budget.

Farm Business Reviews
Financial planning and business performance reviews are an integral part of a commercial farm business. Through our associates, we can arrange these confidential services.

Agricultural Land Use and Capability Assessment
We have extensive experience in undertaking agricultural land use suitability and capability assessment for farm planning and environmental assessment projects. 

Farm Appraisal
We can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in your property or proposed property purchase. We can then provide you with guidelines in regards to farm development and management priorities. We can also carry out a full farm appraisal on a property before purchase.

Legal Support Advice
Legal support and expert witness for agricultural related matters. We can assist your legal team during matters of an agricultural nature. With our extensive agronomic experience we have been engaged on several occasions to provide expert opinions in legal proceedings.

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Our 2012 John Deere 6330 Premium Tractor , 110 HP with IVT transmission , fitted with John Deere 673 SL loader and JD bucket .
This is an excellent quality tractor. Always shedded and well maintained.
Aways regularly and fully serviced by dealer, immaculate condition inside and out. Excellent order mechanically. Tyres good.
This is the Premium series JD tractor with premium light package, 3 rear remotes, 3rd function on loader, premium seat, has Topcon GPS fitted , Two Way and Radio Unit.
Tractor fully serviced at 6000 hrs. Has 6240 hrs on now. Rare opportunity to find tractor of this quality and specs.
The first to see is likely to buy.
Please contact 0428 658704 or PM if you are genuinely interested.
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Such great silage making conditions!
Our Farm Services team have been out making high quality and high density round bale, oats plus ryegrass silage with our John Deere 6135R and Krone CV 150 XC Baler and Wrapper all in one machine - punching out another big load of bales!
Our Krone Baler produces even, high density bales, which is so critical (as seen across this paddock). They are immediately wrapped in 6 layers of quality silage plastic, as they come out of the baler. Such an efficient, one man operation!
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The biological control of Patersons Curse , is now one of the great success stories in biological weed control in Australia.

Full credit to the great research work of CSIRO back in the early 1980-1990’s , in collaboration with State Depts of Ag and dedicated producers. The successful biological control of Patersons Curse has been building and spreading significantly over the last 20 years.

There was 1000’s upon 1000’s of acres of good grazing land that were always smothered in Paterson Curse, in the Upper Hunter and much of central & southern NSW as well as Victoria, only 25 -30 years ago. Today , it is hard to find a really bad paddock of Patersons Curse anywhere now. The bio agents are around and they will find it.
Back in the mid 1990’s in my role as District Agronomist at Scone , I undertook the first initial releases of biological agents for Paterson Curse. It is great to see many district paddocks now benefitting from that work.

Today I was out working with Barry Sampson , Bio Weed Guru , on a location east of Scone, assessing the strong biological agent activity on a once dense paddock of Patersons Curse. Today it’s only about 20% of infestation it once was. Spring is a good time to see bio agent damage and activity.

The strong combination of the Crown Weevil and the Flea Beetle is doing the bulk of the control in this area and most regions now . Other bio agents such as the Root Weevil , the Leaf Miner and the Flower Weevil tend to play a lesser role .The bio agent’s are now widespread and well established on most farms now. Look for weak, dying and blackened plants now.

The days of Patersons Curse as a significant weed are now numbered. Great to find the bio agents rebuilding and surviving the drought too. Unfortunately not all bio control programs are always as successful as this one has proved to be.
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Annual Medics are prolific and knee deep in many pasture areas of the Upper Hunter, as well as NW and Central NSW. They have shown their strong post drought recovery ability due to their high hardseed content which survives droughts and their rapid spring growth to help pasture recovery. In many areas they are dominant and presenting bloat issues.
Medics, were introduced during early settlement and several varieties eg Burr Medic , are widely naturalised throughout Australia. They prefer medium to heavy textured soils with near neutral to alkaline soil pH ( pH 5.5 to 7.5).
There are many new medic lines available with improved aphid tolerance , disease resistance , some SU herbicide tolerance and dry matter production.
Medics can be considered in pasture mixes in suitable areas.
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Clovers and other pasture legumes are the “engine room” of our pasture systems.
With improved seasonal conditions after several years of consecutive drought, now and the next 2 months, when these clovers are strongly evident and flowering , will be a valuable time to assess what sub clovers, medics and other pasture legumes have survived and persisted on your farm or district. Many varieties, particularly Sub Clovers can be readily identifying by specific leaf markings, flower markings and stem features.
Knowing what varieties are persisting and producing is invaluable information. Success leaves clues!
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