Ross Watson Agriculture provides pasture improvement and management advice throughout eastern Australia. Key areas of influence are the Hunter Region of NSW, Northern, Central and Southern Slopes, Tablelands and the coastal areas of NSW.

Agronomy Consulting

We will assist you to develop, plan and implement a comprehensive pasture development and management program for your farm .

Our point of difference is that we combine over 30 years of leading pasture agronomy knowledge with

30 years of practical, hands-on pasture establishment and management experience.

Improve Farm Productivity

Ross Watson is well recognised and respected within the agronomy service industry,  for his broad knowledge and practical experience in all areas of pasture establishment and management.

He will work with you on a “one-on-one” basis to develop a sustainable pasture improvement and management program , which contributes to improved farm profitability.

Farm Contracting

We are the leading Farm Contracting Service in the Upper Hunter region of NSW. We operate a modern, well maintained fleet of tractors and farm machinery to complete all operations required in pasture management and pasture establishment. Our professional and experienced Farm Services Division are regularly engaged to develop and implement all stages of property development and pasture improvement.



We are focused on providing independent, experienced and professional pasture agronomy advice.

Ross Watson Agriculture provides pasture advice throughout eastern Australia. Key areas of influence are the Hunter Region of NSW, Northern, Central and Southern Slopes, Tablelands and the coastal areas of NSW. We provide quality advice on all temperate and tropical pastures as well as lucerne, forage crops and forage herbs. We do consult in other areas of Australia, as well as overseas.

We have more than 30 years professional and practical experience in all aspects of whole farm pasture development and planning, as well as pasture establishment and pasture management techniques. Our pasture advisory services primarily focus on servicing equine, beef, dairy and sheep enterprises, along with whole farm planning.

There are very few agronomy services in Australia with the breadth of pasture skills and experience of Ross Watson Agriculture. We are recognised leaders in pasture improvement technology. If you are serious about making your property and farm business stand out from the crowd, you have come to the right place!

Our Agronomy Consulting and Farm Services team has over 40 years of combined experience and expertise in whole farm pasture development and establishment. We are even available to carry out complete farm appraisals before selling or purchasing a property. You can have complete confidence in our pasture development plans and advice.

Take a look around our site and see the full range of services we currently provide to our clients.

If you have questions please contact Ross Watson direct on 0428 658 704.

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As they say “the making is in the raking.” Modern rotary hay rakes provide gentle, uniform raking that produce even and fluffy windrows to provide good air flow and even drying. Rotary rakes are far superior to the old side delivery rakes.
Here is a video of our JD tractor with Krone 710/26T twin rotary rake, which can do 2 single rows for initial raking or put 2 into one or put 4 into 1 if needed, when it is near ready for baling.
Current conditions, with high daily humidity are not the best for hay drying, but the the fluffy, even windrows formed by these modern rotary rakes help to maximise drying.
The quicker hay is dried down the better the quality, the less bleaching, the better leaf retention and the less weather risk you run. All which mean higher returns.
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Team work makes the dream work. 💫 ... See MoreSee Less

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It does not come much better than this! With over 150 to 200mm of rainfall in the last 6 weeks, the countryside around Scone is the best it has looked for a very long time!
This rain has been perfect for lucerne production areas giving superb, dense stands without irrigation. Many paddocks are ready to cut, with the clear and hot days that have now arrived.
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Some long but productive days ! Our Krone Comprima Xtreme Baler /Wrapper has been busy this week, with fine weather doing both wrapped round bale silage and high density round bale hay, before the predicted wet period commences. ... See MoreSee Less

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Here are the mug shots of the 2 MOST UNWANTED weeds in pastures!
With current favourable seasonal conditions these plants are very active and easy to see from November to March, with their distinctive growth and flowers.
St Johns Wort with its distinctive 5 petal yellow flowers, with long yellow stamens as well as its distinctive opposite leaves and branches. Blue Heliotrope is becoming one of the most rapidly spreading weeds in our area. It has a dense dark green groundcover, with prolific blue flowers and a musty smell.
I strongly recommend you be on the look out for these serious weeds . Seek advice on appropriate control options.
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