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PerfectArena has Australia’s first and only Kiser Dragmaster.
The Kiser DragMaster™ is the most respected arena drag in the world. Used and recommended by the NCHA, AQHA, NRHA and many of the industry’ top horsemen.
No other arena drag is used more by major associations and shows than the DragMaster™.
There is nothing more frustrating for a horse owner than to have his/her horse sidelined or to spend thousands of dollars with the vet due to "soundness-related" injuries! It doesn't have to be that way anymore! The secret to having safe and proper footing for your horses is a combination of many things and it is different for every equine discipline.
The combination of the proper moisture content, right depth, right consistency, levelness and lack of hard/soft spots is critical. With the service PerfectArena provides with the use of the DragMaster™, we are able to add water, level out your arena and eliminate all hard and soft spots as well as the ability to change your footing depth depending on what is required for your show. All these factors are critical in ensuring that your show is a successful and safe one for both horses and riders.
"Keeping horses and riders safe and sound on perfect ground." 
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PerfectArena's Dragmaster and John Deere Tractor.