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THE LATEST ISSUE    ---     ISSUE NO 63  May 2013- 11 Pages-key topics

  • New Sulphur Fertilisers- are they a replacement for SF 45 ? 
  • How to reduce your aerial spreading costs. 
  • Winter Wheats -establishment and management 
  • Cow Condition Score critical for fertility and performance .

Sample 1  2012 Issue 60 July 2012 ( click here to download)

Sample 2- 2010 Issue 53 March [ Click here to download ]

Sample 3 - 2009 Issue 52 April [ Click here to download ]

Recent Topics in Agronomy News.

Issue 62

  • Record Dry in Spring 2012
  • Delta T values for spraying
  • Glyphosate product Update
  • Early weaning calves advantages and disadvantages
  • Tips on early weaning.
  • Summer fallow spraying


Issue 61

  • What to do with new seedling pastures in dry spring
  • Fireweed management and herbicide options
  • Conserfvation tillage tax incentive
  • Calf castration procedures to minimise pain and stress.
  • St Johns Wort alert.
  • Keep lucerne stands weed free !


Issue 60

  • Seed traps amongst the Seed industry
  • New high sulphur fertiliser on market
  • Slugs might be active
  • New 24D Amine herbicide
  • Topdressing fertiliser for high performance pasture


Issue 59

  • Grazon extra vs the generics
  • Glyphosate product review and update
  • Selenium Warning and product comparison
  • Kikuyu pasture management
  • Sulphur Deficiency Widespread.








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