Ross Watson Agriculture P/L is one of Australia’s leading independent providers of pasture agronomy advice.

Our point of difference is our extensive and independent technical agronomy knowledge, combined with our extensive “hands-on” field experience with all facets of pasture agronomy and management . We do “walk the talk” every day. We have over 30 years experience in agronomy consulting, which include all facets of pasture improvement. From paddock preparation, pasture establishment techniques such as conventional seedbeds, direct drilling and aerial spray-sow pastures, to pasture species selection,  soil nutrient and fertility management, fertiliser selection and programs, weed control, and grazing management.

We are the recognised specialists in pasture establishment, management and development programs. We are often engaged to help clients, both small and large, beef cattle, thoroughbred horses, dairy farms and mixed crop and livestock operations to develop detailed farm development programs which are appropriate for the various agricultural land classes throughout every farm.

Over the last 20 years Ross Watson Agriculture has been become recognised within the Australian Thoroughbred Industry as the leading equine pasture agronomist, consulting to all the major thoroughbred studs and being the agronomist responsible for the pasture redevelopment on many of the leading established studs as well as being engaged to design and implement the pasture and farm development of many new stud farms throughout Australia.

We pride ourselves on providing personalised, one on one, pasture agronomy advice to a full range of clients, such as lifestyle properties, broadacre primary producers, as well as large corporate clients throughout Australia as well as internationally. Key client service areas include, the Hunter Region, Northern, Central and Southern Tablelands and Slopes regions of NSW. We have been engaged to provide pasture agronomy advice for specific clients in Victoria , South Australia, King Island and South East Queensland.

We also consult to various government agencies, industry groups, farmer interest groups and corporate agribusinesses. We have also been regularly engaged to undertake independent research and development work in pasture species evaluation, fertiliser product evaluation and the development and evaluation of herbicide products for some of the Australia’s leading agribusiness’.

Our other services include, property assessment, farm planning, farm budgeting and benchmarking, legal support and expert opinions, research and development of agricultural products, working with government agencies on agricultural and land management issues.

We can also provide you with the full range of farm contracting services to establish and maintain your pastures.

We do “walk the talk” everyday !

Career Background.

Ross Watson commenced his agronomy consulting career in 1980, when his was appointed as the District Agronomist with NSW Agriculture at Scone , in the Upper Hunter Region of NSW. He quickly became recognised and respected by famers and the ag-industry for his knowledge and advisory skills in many areas of pasture and forage crop agronomy , farm development programs and  pasture / woody weed control. He excelled in his work developing new pasture establishment methods such as aerial-spray sow and direct drill pasture improvement programs. He authored many leading and popular extension and advisory publications, on pastures, fertiliser and weed control, while in the position as District Agronomist at Scone, many of which are still referenced and used today. In his service at Scone , Ross was the longest serving Agronomist ever to occupy that position , (which still stands), with 16 years of exceptional service until 1996. There is not many farms that he has not been on in the Upper Hunter. He loved his time in that position and had established a strong following within the farming community in this Region as well as central and Northern NSW.

In 1996 he formed Ross Watson Agriculture to service clients in the Upper Hunter as well as other areas of  NSW and Interstate. This was the first agronomy consulting business of its type in the Region at the time. Ross Watson Agriculture is a long standing and respected agronomy consulting business today.

Today he continues to offer that experienced, professional and independent pasture agronomy advice that producers have come to trust and admire.

He has always been “a leader in his field” and his company continues to deliver this level of service to his clients !

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We enjoy developing and implementing pasture development projects. We are today continuing our long association with Willow Park Stud a leading thoroughbred stud, who is totally committed to their pasture programs and the important role they play in their operation.
This paddock has recently commenced redevelopment - clearing of woody weeds and regrowth, fallow spray programs, cultivation, our rock picking program and now sowing of a grazing oats crop for winter/spring grazing, before going to summer perennial pasture later in the year. The makeover continues!
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When we go to horse farms to do rock picking work, the farm and horse stud staff line the farm roads and cheer! We clear the paddock of stones and rocks with our gear, in a few days, that these staff and backpackers would spend weeks on end in a chain gang with feed buckets and quad bikes with small trailers, hand picking thousands of stones and rocks and then not get them all. Everyone is happy when we do the job! ... See MoreSee Less

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If you want productive pastures, that will be there through and after the droughts then start planning to establish subtropical grasses! Archie Bell who works on his family property Belford Park, east of Scone is showing you a resilient stand of Digit Grass, established 10 years ago, responding to rain in February 2020 after very severe drought conditions in this area over the last 3 years. This pasture has endured many tough seasons over this time and continues to keep giving! ... See MoreSee Less

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You have to love subtropical pastures; we certainly do! Look at the volume of quality feed on offer here the first week of May 2020. Pictured is a mob of our 50 Angus weaner heifers, around 280 to 320 kg being grown out for joining in early spring entering their next paddock of subtropical pasture today after weighing. We do this to provide us and readers with actual pasture x livestock production data.
These heifers have been grazing well managed subtropical pasture at an average stocking rate of just under 5 heifers/ ha for the last 8 weeks. They have been gaining an average of 0.9 kg/head/day over this period. Weight gains varied from 0.75 to 1.1 kgDM/head/day, which is very pleasing and where we want to be.
So over the last 8 weeks these heifers have put on a total of just under 2500 kg of liveweight gain. At a current prices, of say $4.70/kg liveweight, it is just under $12,000 of value . However, we are looking at their value as future breeders, or sale as joined females. Who knows where that will be when the time comes. There is a general lack of real subtropical pasture x livestock production data available to make informed decisions. We hope our program can encourage you to seek our advice on establishing and managing your own subtropical pasture program!
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More “Before” and “After” client projects our farm services division have undertaken recently.
We had direct drilled our winter forage grass blend at Segenhoe (Stud) Group near Scone, exactly 4 weeks ago today. This shows what can be achieved by following our comprehensive program.
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