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Ross Watson Agriculture P/L is Australia’s leading independent provider of pasture agronomy advice.

Our point of difference is our extensive and independent experience in all areas of pasture agronomy. We have over 25 years experience in agronomy consulting, which include all facets of pasture improvement. From paddock preparation, pasture establishment techniques such as conventional seedbeds, direct drilling and aerial spray-sow pastures, to pasture species selection,  soil nutrient and fertility management, fertiliser selection and programs, weed control, and grazing management. We are the recognised specialists in pasture establishment, management and development programs for those involved in the horse industry, and are responsible for the pasture programs being implemented on Australia`s leading thoroughbred studs.

We pride ourselves on providing personalised, one on one, pasture agronomy advice to a full range of clients, such as lifestyle properties, broadacre primary producers, as well as large corporate clients throughout Australia as well as internationally. Key client service areas include, the Hunter Region, Northern, Central and Southern Tablelands and Slopes regions of NSW, Victoria and South East Queensland. We also consult to various government agencies, industry groups and corporate agribusinesses.

Our other services include, property assessment, farm planning, farm budgeting and benchmarking, research and development of agricultural products, working with government agencies on agricultural and land management issues.

We can also provide you with the full range of farm contracting services to establish and maintain your pastures. We walk the talk.


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