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Ross Watson Agriculture provides pasture improvement advice throughout eastern Australia. Key areas of influence are the Hunter Region of NSW, Northern, Central and Southern Slopes, Tablelands and the coastal areas of NSW.

Agronomy Consulting

We will assist you to develop, plan and implement a comprehensive pasture development and management program for your farm .

Our point of difference is that we combine over 30 years of leading pasture agronomy knowledge with

30 years of practical, hands-on pasture establishment and management experience.

Improve Farm Productivity

Ross Watson is well recognised and respected within the agronomy service industry,  for his broad knowledge and practical experience in all areas of pasture establishment and management.

He will work with you on a “one-on-one” basis to develop a sustainable pasture improvement and management program , which contributes to improved farm profitability.

Farm Contracting

We are the leading Farm Contracting Service in the Upper Hunter region of NSW. We operate a modern, well maintained fleet of tractors and farm machinery to complete all operations required in pasture management and pasture establishment. Our professional and experienced Farm Services Division are regularly engaged to develop and implement all stages of property development and pasture improvement.



We are focused on providing independent, experienced and professional pasture agronomy advice.

Ross Watson Agriculture provides pasture advice throughout eastern Australia. Key areas of influence are the Hunter Region of NSW, Northern, Central and Southern Slopes, Tablelands and the coastal areas of NSW. We provide quality advice on all temperate and tropical pastures as well as lucerne, forage crops and forage herbs. We do consult in other areas of Australia, as well as overseas.

We have more than 25 years professional and practical experience in all aspects of whole farm pasture development and planning, as well as pasture establishment and pasture management techniques. Our pasture advisory services primarily focus on servicing equine, beef, dairy and sheep enterprises, along with whole farm planning.

There are very few agronomy services in Australia with the breadth of pasture skills and experience of Ross Watson Agriculture. We are recognised leaders in pasture improvement technology. If you are serious about making your property and farm business stand out from the crowd, you have come to the right place! Our team has over 40 years of combined experience and expertise in whole farm pasture development and establishment. We are even available to carry out complete farm appraisals before selling or purchasing a property. You can have complete confidence in our pasture development plans and advice.

Take a look around our site and see the full range of services we currently provide to our clients.

If you have questions please contact Ross Watson direct on 0428 658 704.

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2 weeks ago

Ross Watson Agriculture

Are you "rain ready"?!
If we get a major rain event in the next 4 to 8 weeks will you be ready to respond?
Autumn and early winter sown, dual purpose, forage and grain crops as well as various pasture and forage planting options will be a critical resource for most farms as part of their drought recovery program!
Do you have a crop or pasture plan? There are so many aspects to a sound plan.
Some of the items that need to be considered are:
• Have you kept your no till/direct drill fallows well sprayed?
• Are surface trash levels okay to sow through?
• Have you completed preparation to those paddocks that needed farming to a suitable condition?
• What are the "triggers" (eg; rainfall amounts, subsoil moisture levels, soil temperatures, weed germination and pest issues etc) which need to be met before proceeding with various sowing events?
• Which paddocks will you sow, and how and who will sow your paddocks in a timely manner?
• Have you secured or checked on the availability of very scarce, and unfortunately expensive seed supplies?
• Do you have a budget and finances to support your programs?
There is very good old saying I often relay to producers ..."the difference between a good farmer and a poor farmer is about a week", and it's so true!
You often see the leading farmers doing their farm programs just at the right timing. Things just seem to happen. Planning and timing is everything in farming.

Please contact us if you would like our experienced agronomic advice.
Stay ready, so you don't have to get ready!
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2 weeks ago

Ross Watson Agriculture

Our Farm Services team have been busy working with several clients in recent weeks, near Scone, delivering our professional rock raking and picking service. Our services are transforming once neglected, stone covered , low productivity areas into user friendly, productive pasture country with higher land values, as seen here. ... See MoreSee Less

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Happy Australia Day!

We have completed the drawing of our GIFT PACK GIVEAWAY! Congratulations to our three lucky winners Richard Marshall, Katrina Goodear & Tony Burnett! (Please message us your postal addresses.)

Thank you again to everyone for entering and your support! We appreciate you all. Enjoy your weekend! 🇦🇺
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4 weeks ago

Ross Watson Agriculture

LAST DAY to enter our Ross Watson Agriculture GIFT PACK GIVEAWAY!
The 3 lucky winners will be announced tomorrow.

Stay tuned, and good luck!
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With extreme heatwave conditions throughout the country, with many areas recording 40 to 45 C today , I say "bugger this" why not go for a surf with my old mate John Deere for the day !!! ... See MoreSee Less

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